Formula for the good life

Formula For The Good Life

We want to inspire you to find a
good balance and feel good in
your life.

Formula For The Good Life

We believe that the simplest details can be made to add goodness to our daily life. We develop better and smarter products that do not compromise on your desires with respect to safety, efficacy and emotional experience.


A well-curated mixture of modern and classic fragrances – with global and regional consumer preference in mind


Innovative formulas developed by pharmaceutical scientists prioritizing the health and safety of consumers.


We are a brand without compromise and we choose the best high quality ingredients to deliver results

Our Values


Our products are sulfate free. All ingredients meet the highest safety standards without parabens or any potentially harmful agents.


Scientifically formulated and optimized using the latest techniques and ingredients.

Designed for The Senses

We apply the highest formulation science to deliver products that are effective and appeal to all senses.

Essense of Arabia

From design to sensation, Marssai will set a standard for Arabian Luxury products.

Everyday Luxury

High quality and luxury doesn’t mean unaffordable. Our products should be accessible to everyone, and they are.

Clean & Premium Ingredients

From end-to-end, process starts with highly purified water and continues in a pharmaceutical clean manufacturing environment.