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A new era of men’s
Personal care.

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Marssai Hair & Body Wash for Men represents a new era of men’s personal care.
The range is sulfate-free which is the best approach to prevent hair loss and irritation.
The components are used in an optimized ratio to provide effective cleaning and leave
the hair and skin soft and without residue.

Marssai 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash is sophisticated with effective formula developed
specifically for active men. It gives the advantage of quick hair and body wash with the
best results for hair, scalp and skin, without compromise.

The rich lather spreads and rinses easily leaving healthy clean hair and skin with a
luxurious fragrance.

Available in the following scents:
Arabian Sea, Clean Vetiver, Amber Land, Mediterranean Oud, Royal Saffron.

Arabian Sea

Clean Vetiver

Amber Land

Mediterranean Oud

Royal Saffron