Our ingredients

Our Ingredients

We deeply believe in the importance
of high quality ingredients and
commit to using the best in class.

Our Beliefs

We believe in quality by design. Starting from the right ingredients, utilizing modern technologies and challenging the status quo.

We believe in good manufacturing practices. Our manufacturing equipments are state of the arts. Our facility is efficient sophisticated and built to maintain cleanness and safety for the products, our employees, and the environment.

We believe in diligent quality control and we are equipped to do so.

We believe in people; our staff of highly qualified, passionate and caring professionals are internationally diverse group that is committed to continuous improvement.


Sustainability is one of our core values and we adhere to the highest international standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and quality management concepts.

We embed sustainability throughout our engineering process right from the supply chain to ingredients and packaging respecting ‘green chemistry’ practices. Marssai bottles utilize recycled and recyclable material.


A fragrance is an agreement reached thanks to a knowledgeable combination of ingredients, As in a musical composition, the harmony of a chord depends on the equilibrium of proportions and the olfactive intensity of each note. With Marssai Products I can feel this harmony.


Over the years i have tried many products, Marssai transfers my mood immediately to a calm and happy one.

Business Woman

Marssai products clean the skin while protecting its natural barrier function. I am happy to see a product line that provides balanced cleaning effect without irritation.


Marssai’s packaging are modern, simple, convenient and cool.