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Hand Wash

A new era for hand wash

Handwash Foam

Marssai Hand Foam is a luxurious, convenient format that dispenses as a creamy lather
and cleans your skin efficiently.

Our Hand Foam has great spreadability and easy rinse. It leaves the skin soft without
being oily – and It has an exceptional scent.

The foamer gives the consumer the advantage of high recovery since the product
comes out as an elegant foam. The foam composition eliminates the dissolving step
and results in almost no waste and a clean sink.

Sweet Amber

Soft Oud

Rose Water

Rose Water

Handwash Gel

Marssai Hand Wash is a gel type that is exceptionally formulated.
The pump is set to dispense 1ml which is the proper amount to use: just enough for
cleaning the hands without wastage.

The vicscosity is set to a functional level where it flows nicely and stays in the hand
without stickiness.
When the Hand Wash is used, a consumer would easily notice the
clean feel as well as the nice and soft after-feel.

Sweet Amber

Winter Harvest

Rose Water

Eau De Coco

Antibacterial Hand Wash (Foam and Gel)

Marssai Antibacterial Hand Wash uses benzethonium chloride.
An advanced safe antibacterial agent formulated within an effective and gentle system
that is tough on germs and not on hands.

It kills bacteria and leaves skin soft with amazing luxurious fragrances.

Woody Patchouly

Lemon Blossom

Woody Patchouly Gel

Lemon Blossom Gel